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Who is Automatic Sam? Honestly, we’ve got no clue. But when you listen to Captain Beefheart singing about this man in his song Tarotplane, it sounds like Sam’s a pretty cool dude with a great sense of boogie.

Automatic Sam; a fourpiece from Nijmegen with roots in the legendary Magic Barn in the far east of the Netherlands. The band was formed in late 2008 by Pieter Holkenborg (lead vocals / guitar), Rense Slings (guitar / vocals), Jesper Albers (drums / vocals) and Harm Wopereis (bass / vocals) and soon got a great live reputation. Think of a speeding train of 70’s hardrock with rusty rivets attached to a wagon full of garage, some blues and all pulled by a locomotive fuelled by pure punk rock.

In November 2009 Automatic Sam releases “Hot Foot Oil”. The EP is widely praised: Well-known Dutch magazine OOR: “Lovely and cocky!” and Holland’s biggest platform for alternative music 3voor12: “Rough, but well thought rock album that never get boring”. “Hot Foot Oil” is sold out within a few months, both on CD and vinyl. The band is on the bill of festivals like Zwarte Cross, Valkhof Affaire and Paaspop plays the support show of bands like DeWolff, Claw Boys Claw, Orange Sunshine, and the entire Dutch tour with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

Who is Bozo Texino? This mythical character from the American hobo culture, unshaven, unrestrained and hopping on freight trains without knowing his destination, was an inspiration for the album “Texino”. This full length debut contains twelve songs that tell the real story about the hobo Automatic Sam and his journey.

“Texino” was produced by Koen-Willem Toering (Woost) and Gijs Coolen (Woost / Coparck) and mastered by Pieter Kloos. Guest musicians are KW Toering, Otto Kokke (Dead Neanderthals) and Wout Kemkens (Shaking Godspeed). The record will be released on Suburban Records (CD) and Quadrofoon Records (Vinyl). Management and bookings are handled by SOZ Concerts.

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