David Broad

"The way David Broad plays guitar, it’s a finger-twister. This man from Leeds, England, is one of the best finger pickers I’ve seen live."
-Brad Spurgeon, bradspurgeon.com

"Such was the passion in his delivery and authenticity of his delta-blues-like guitar playing, tracks like St James Infirmary Blues were utterly compelling."
-Lawrence Poole

"…swift-fingered treatments of several pre-war standards which flow from Broad with a charm that breathes vivid new life in to well-worn material."

-John Hepworth, leedsmusicscene.com

"Broad is technically very accomplished but never showy."

-Penny Broadhurst, God’s in the TV zine

"He arranges and reinterprets songs about laying railroad tracks in the ‘30s as well as a middle-class white kid can possibly be expected to."
-Greg Elliot, Sandman

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