Jimmy Lightfoot

 JIMMY LIGHTFOOT (lead vocals & guitar) is the founder of the Church of Self Love and author of its Gospel.

Hailing from Leyland, Louisiana; Jimmy’s upbringing and roots remain a secret the singer keeps close to his heart.

Jimmy claims to have begun preaching his teachings of self-love in abandoned barns acoss the lower midwest.

Although Jimmy insists that the universal pursuit of self-love would result in world-peace, his teaching-methods are extremely confrontational and, some say, offensive.  A somewhat violent band-leader Jimmy’s on-stage behaviour is frequently called in question: from slapping Li’l Johnny in the face for making a timing error, verbally abusing Gazelle in a language she does not understand, to shooting his wife in the chest with a shotgun and bringing his mother up on stage only to call her a “fucking whore”.  Jimmy will often pick fights with his audience should they not be paying the attention he believes he ought to command.

Despite this psychotic behaviour, Jimmy remains a well-liked frontman who loves nothing more than to “connect” with his congregation and to deliver them unto themselves.


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