Long Notes, the

New album “IN THE SHADOW OF STROMBOLI” (Hobgoblin HOBCD1014)

With a distinctive folk, roots and celtic music sound, The Long Notes’ ensemble synergy magically surpasses the sum of its parts, with captivating arrangements of Irish, Scottish, French-Canadian, Galician, Quebecois and old-time tunes.  In addition, The Long Notes have honed their writing skills producing some stunning original compositions for their new album.  The tension-building title track ‘In the Shadow of Stromboli’, written by Colette O’Leary, was inspired by a festival the band played in Calabria and a trip to the Aeolian Islands in southern Italy.  Across the Tyrrhenian Sea, in the far distant mist, hangs the volcanic plume of the ever-burning Stromboli.  Continuing this fiery theme, other brilliantly intense tracks include Jamie Smith’s ‘Bogbeat’ and ‘Viva Galicia’, as well as Brian Kelly’s trademark banjo pyrotechnics on ‘Plain of Jars’.  Alex Percy’s sensitively sung “Solace and Joy” and guest singer Adam Holmes’ beautiful interpretation of the Scottish folk song ‘Come by the Hills’ add two vocal tracks to produce an album of outstanding calibre and supreme listenability.
After their sell-out concert at The Underworld Camden, London in October, The Long Notes embarked on a UK-wide tour, performing in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness and Newcastle. They look forward to playing Celtic Connections in January  and to a busy festival season in 2012.  Over the past five years the band have forged an excellent reputation with appearances at numerous festivals including: Celtic Connections, Glastonbury, Wimborne, Towersey, City of London, Wychwood and Blas! (Scotland). They have also toured in Italy, Austria and Germany.

Almost five years together, The Long Notes uniquely represent Ireland, England and Scotland – not only in their music, but also in their heritage.  The line-up includes Scottish fiddler Jamie Smith (Beneche, SBO Band), Irish-born accordionist Colette O’Leary (Bumblebees), London-Irish banjo/mandolin virtuoso Brian Kelly (Shane McGowan and The Popes) and Dorset-based guitarist and singer Alex Percy (Beltane).  They all met through the session scene in Camden Town, one of the great epicentres of live music in London.    

“In The Shadow of Stromboli” is available exclusively at concerts by The Long Notes until it goes on general release with Hobgoblin Records and Proper Distribution in January 2012. The album is augmented by wonderful guest musicians Angus Lyon (piano), Martin O’Neill (bodhran), Duncan Lyall (bass) and Ali Hutton (guitar) who also produced the album.

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