Macrae Sisters

The Macrae Sisters are an old-time string band based out of Portland, Oregon. Combining a deep love of traditional music with top-notch musicianship, the group features fiddlers Sophie Vitells and Marian Macrae Herrmann, Gabrielle Macrae on banjo, Joanna Macrae on guitar, and Jamie Herrmann on bass.

The band first took root in 2007, when sisters Marian and Gabrielle began playing as a banjo-fiddle duo in Asheville, North Carolina.  In 2009, Gabrielle moved back to Portland, the sisters’ hometown, where Joanna joined the band on guitar and added her strong, sweet harmony singing to the mix. The next year, their sound evolved again with the addition of fiddler Sophie Vitells, formerly of the Crooked Jades, the Government Issue Orchestra, and the Caleb Klauder band.

With Marian and Sophie’s driving double-fiddle sound, the band plays a blend of high-energy dance tunes, heart-wrenching ballads, old time gospel songs, and a few originals to boot. Their music is both deeply traditional and youthful in its energy and drive.

“This is serious music, serious in that it is not superficial, not just skimming the surface and picking up a few old-timish sounds like some old time and bluegrass bands do.”

Devon Leger, Hearth Music

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