Minimal Klezmer

Based in Venice and London, Minimal Klezmer Trio was founded in 2011 by three musicians united by a background in classical music, an inclination towards improvisation, and a fatal passion for klezmer.

Their repertoire consists strictly of pieces of Eastern European origin, with original arrangements that, in contrast with to the more sacred and meditative aspect, bring out an ironic, improvisational, cabaretistic and danceable side.
The minimal line-up of the trio, consisting of tools for more “portable” and acoustic instruments, is directly inspired by small klezmer formations, thanks to the old recordings of Jacob Gegna, Josef Solinski, Mihal Viteazul we have evidence of, dating from as far back as the early twentieth century.
Despite their recent formation, Minimal Klezmer have held numerous concerts, reviews and Radio appearances in Italy, the UK, Germany and Hungary.
They have collaborated and collaborate frequently with violinist Pietro Pontini, bassist Alessandro Turchet, drummers Jimmy Weinstein, Zsolt Kovács Sárvári, Lorenzo De Vettor and accordionist Luca Piovesan with whom they have recorded their first album.
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