Monster Ceilidh Band

Monster Ceilidh Band are on a crusade to bring a powerfully modern and un-patronising approach to ceilidh fusion music.  Their experimentation with electronic beats, “simply stunning” (Songlines), has its roots in the traditional but has produced something innovative, contemporary and dynamic.  They combine, explosive and fiery folk with, funky riffs, glitchy Drum ‘n’ Bass beats and live drums.  Monster Ceilidh Band’s music embraces the old dance traditions, while translating them into blood-quickening crescendos for the twenty-first century nightclub audience.

2011 saw the release of their first studio album ‘Mechanical Monster’. Its new electronic approach transformed their reputation from a stalwart and steady ceilidh outfit into that of a ground-breaking new act on the UK music scene.
In 2012 they set themselves on a mission; to inject traditional music of the British Isles with the UK’s other great musical export, Drum ‘n’ Bass. They are currently the only live Drum ‘n’ Bass, folk act on the festival circuit.   
Since their debut studio album, Drum ‘n’ Bass producer, The Touch, has joined the band on a permanent basis adding live drums to the show.  This expands on the electronic beats and brings the music alive. This new line-up has led to a slew of hugely successful festival appearances. 2012 saw them perform at many events, highlights included; Bestival, Knockengorroch, Glade, Secret Garden Party and Kendal Calling along with traditional folk festivals; Sidmouth, Broadstairs, Purbeck and National Forest.  This experience has honed their live performance into something that R2 described as an “unbeatable live experience”.
2013 excitingly sees their 2nd studio album ‘Charge’ which will be released independently on the bands own label and promoted with a tour in October and November along with many more festival appearances. It will be the first album to feature the full quintet with live percussion.
“…if we could say anything about this band it would be: any chance you get, go and see them!” 
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