Nick Mulvey

Nick Mulvey has accomplished more than most musicians will achieve in a lifetime. A key founding member of Portico Quartet, Nick has toured the world picking up a wealth of international acclaim, including a Mercury Music Prize nomination for their debut album Knee-deep in the North Sea.

Nick started out his career in music playing both piano and drums, but truly found his calling at the age of 18, when he bought his first guitar from a family of guitar makers in Southern Spain. At the age of 19, he moved to Havana, Cuba to study music and art. On returning to the UK, Nick enrolled at the School of Oriental and African Studies to study Ethnomusicology.

It was during his degree course that Nick picked up the hang and stumbled across his Portico Quartet band mates. The four young men hustled their way around London, playing as many shows as possible, but most notably busking on the South Bank where they sold 10,000 copies of their home-made demos over three years. After they had all graduated, the band signed with a small London based Jazz label called Babel and recorded their debut LP Knee-deep in the North Sea, which was subsequently nominated for the 2008 Mercury Music Prize, to which they were pipped at the post by Elbow. They then signed to Peter Gaberiel’s Real World Records and recorded a second LP, Isla, at Abbey Road with John Leckie. This album cemented their international success and paved the way for a year of touring, clocking up around 150 shows across the globe in 2010. In total Nick spent six amazing years working with friends, embracing and pushing a new musical instrument to the forefront of cutting edge music. Although he has loved every moment, he now feels that the time is right for him to return to his first musical instrument (the guitar) and work on a solo project.

With appearances across Europe and at Glastonbury, Bestival and The Secret Garden Party last summer, plus a host of high profile London dates and a UK tour in early 2012 to coincide with a release, its clear that this local lad is set for great things.

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