Rumba De Bodas

We were born Rumba de Bodas in 2008 and, following a few changes in the bands’ formation, in December of that very same year, we released our first mini-cd with the respective participation of Francesco “Fry” Moneti (violinist of the Modena City Ramblers) and Cico (lead singer of Roy Paci & Aretuska). The enthusiasm, energy and good response from the public pushed us to create, practice and compose, allowing our music to travel from bars to Italian radio stations. We were thus put into the public eye, thanks also to the fact that we supported a few important concerts (Modena City Ramblers, Punkreas, Ministri, Ska-J), a small tour in Spain and the winning of some competitions and contests. 

In January 2011 we met Mustafa Cengic aka Muce, ex musician of No Smoking Orchestra, now artistic producer and sound engineer. Following a few months of rehearsals, we recorded our first studio album “Just Married”. The CD ensembles the essence of what we, as Rumba de Bodas, represent: a musical encounter between different identities and cultures, so that the energies of diverse styles unite in a common artistic and musical journey. It is this very mix of genres, from latina to swing, balcanica to reggae, soul to folk, which gives life to a spectacularly interesting explosion, without however forgetting to express and convey that which we are. Professional and amateur musician friends helped us during recording, contributing their distinct sounds to Rumba de Bodas’ “Just Married” album.
Matilda De Angelis: Vocals, Guitar, Violin
Giobbe Simon: Accordion, Percussions
Mattia “Metiu” Franceschini: Piano, Keyboards
Antonio “Antoine” Manzoni: Tromba, Flugehorn
Francesco “Jama” Giammarella: Clarinet, Tenor Sax
Jack Vianello Vos: Bass
Marco “VosOne” Vianello Vos: Drums, Trombone
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