Silvestre y La Naranja

Silvestre y La Naranja

Silvestre y La Naranja was born from Argentine’s Patagonian landscape. It was there, along the riverside where drums meet vocals for the first time. Bouncing rocks and dark green forests where alive and had something to say…

Starting in 2011, the folk and psychedelic rock band based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is touring the UK for the first time heading Festivals and gigs all over the kingdom.

With influences that go from folk or country to psychedelic vibrations, the argentines bring out a rich mixture of textures and sounds, including the freshness of banjos, distinctive vocals, and colorful synthesizers.

Back in Argentina they have played in very important venues and their music is gaining people’s soul day by day. Moreover, they have headlined the first We Color International festival in Argentina, held in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, where more than a thousand attended.

Their first official video, of the song “El Paso”, out of their homonym EP debut album, reached 10,000 hits within less than a month of its release. This video was filmed in a ruined town after being flooded by a monstrous lagoon that took over the whole town and destroyed everything on its way leaving broken concrete scenery.

“A unique sound, where every element meets its purpose” VOMB Magazine

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