Artists, Bands and Performers

This is a list of all the wonderful artists we have worked with over the years - from back when we were called The Magpie's Nest, with Global Local, and now with Fire in the Mountain Festival and other events.
This list is not exhaustive.

John Langan Band

John Langan - guitar/lead vocals/percussion  Dave Tunstall - double bass/backing vocals... [More info]

Jonny Kearney & Lucy Farrell

Jonny Kearney is a young songwriter from Hexham way and Lucy Farrell is his charming Kentish... [More info]

Katy Carr

With two self released critically acclaimed albums already under her belt 'Screwing Lies' [2001... [More info]

Kazimier Krunk Band

A self-amplified dance orchestra of the people, The Krunk Band are yet to be seen on a stage,... [More info]

Kidnap Alice

Kidnap Alice are a Dalston based band who mix up bluegrass and Appalachian old time with blues,... [More info]

King Twit

Comprising of 4 experienced Liverpool based musicians, King Twit were formed in the autumn of 2011... [More info]

Kirsty McGee and Mat Martin

A maker of delicate yet stubborn songs, an instinctive traveller, a human scrapbook. Years spent as... [More info]

Knights of Mentis

Seeing is believing. Check them out. [More info]

Land of Giants

Land of the Giants are a funky upbeat, highly addictive six piece band from Plymouth in Devon, UK.... [More info]

Lands End Bluegrass

LANDS END are a diverse group of young musicians who crossed paths at the UK’s premier... [More info]

Lisa Knapp

The Baroness of Nu-folk, with her sizzling vocals and contemporary arrangements of the old songs.... [More info]

Little Robots

"First there was a bang. Then there was a clang and then all of a sudden out of the smoke 3... [More info]

Little Sister

Little Sister are a bright young folk band that seduce audiences with their quirky song-stories of... [More info]

London Lasses and Pete Quinn

The London Lasses and Pete Quinn are a stalwart Irish Trad band based in London. They have recorded... [More info]

Long Notes, the

New album “IN THE SHADOW OF STROMBOLI” (Hobgoblin HOBCD1014) With a distinctive folk,... [More info]

Loose Moose String Band

The Loose Moose String Band comprise of a gang of acoustic music loving fools from Liverpool. We... [More info]

Los Chinches

London's very own Amazonian Cumbia band Los Chinches present their jungle grooves and psychedelic... [More info]

Louise Jordan

 Louise Jordan is a young singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist rapidly making an impact... [More info]

Macrae Sisters

The Macrae Sisters are an old-time string band based out of Portland, Oregon. Combining a deep love... [More info]

Maeve MacKinnon

Maeve Mackinnon is tipped as one of Scotland's leading young folk singers. An Honours graduate of... [More info]

Mama Rosin

‘Power trio’ used to imply headbanging rock, leaden lead-guitar, thrashed bass plus an unfeasibly... [More info]

Mama's Broke

  Mama’s Broke is a powerful folk duo that deliver a compelling performance with heart... [More info]


Mamadou Diaw is a singer, composer and master drummer from Senegal, West Africa, specialising in a... [More info]

Mamane Barka

Mamane Barka -  The Lone Master of the Biram A night in the company of Mamane Barka is a... [More info]

Manière des Bohémiens

  Manière des Bohémiens play improvised Django Reinhardt, Stephane Grappelli... [More info]

Mark Campbell and Mac Traynham

Mark Campbell is a traditional musician dedicated to preserving and passing down old... [More info]

Married to the Sea

@font-face { font-family: "Times New Roman"; }p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal { margin... [More info]

Martha Tilston

Martha's interest in song started at an early age. Her father Steve Tilston, acclaimed songwriter... [More info]

Marthas and Arthurs

Somewhere between Mamas & Papas and Belle & Sebastian (with a dash of ABBA thrown in)... [More info]

Martin Carthy

For more than 40 years Martin Carthy has been one of folk music's greatest innovators, one of its... [More info]

Mary Hampton

Hello there. I am Mary Hampton and I live in Brighton in a room overlooking the sea. I find old... [More info]

Mat Skinner

Manchester based singer songwriter Mat Skinner plays an acoustic ode to friendship, life, death and... [More info]

Matthew and The Atlas

Matthew and the Atlas is the creation of Matthew Hegarty. They have a new EP ‘To The North’... [More info]

Matthew Ord

MATTHEW ORD is a London based singer and guitarist with a fresh take on the traditional music of... [More info]


Mawkin have gained a name for themselves in the festival circuit as a hardworking live band playing... [More info]

Medicine Creek

 Medicine Creek are a foot stomping old time string band from Bristol.   The band... [More info]

Mik Artistik

Mik Artistik's Ego Trip are a strange and wonderful beast of a band juggling stand up, rock and... [More info]

Minimal Klezmer

Based in Venice and London, Minimal Klezmer Trio was founded in 2011 by three musicians united by a... [More info]

Monster Ceilidh Band

Monster Ceilidh Band are on a crusade to bring a powerfully modern and un-patronising approach to... [More info]


The Mordekkers are amoung the most innovative live bands in the UK today. Based in southwest Wales... [More info]

n Dollar Shoe

Four Dollar Shoe will kick start Fire in the Mountain Festival with a selection of soleful (mostly... [More info]

Nancy Wallace

Nancy Wallace was born a folk brat, and spent far more of her formative years than is healthy in... [More info]

Nathan Ball

Nathan Ball is quite simply an extraordinarily talented songwriter. His beautifully written, self-... [More info]

Nick Hart

young handsome tweed clad singer of old songs a voice that will melt. [More info]

Nick Mulvey

Nick Mulvey has accomplished more than most musicians will achieve in a lifetime. A key founding... [More info]

Nimming Ned

In a dimly lit backstreet somewhere in old England,the mist settles on a quiet city scene. A figure... [More info]

Norma Waterson

Norma Waterson formed The Watersons in the early 60's with her sister Lal, brother Mike and cousin... [More info]

Nuala Honan

Australian born Nuala Honan is more than just her powerful, dynamic voice, but a soulful artist... [More info]

Old Man Luedecke

Old Man Luedecke, is one of Canada’s best loved and most intriguing roots singer-songwriters... [More info]

Olivia Chaney

Olivia’s voice is subtle and virtuosic, carrying listeners delicately into powerful emotions.... [More info]

Orchard Twmpath Dance Band (Corelw)

 THE ORCHARD DANCE BAND   …..Are six highly accomplished musicians with great... [More info]

Orlando Seale and the Swell

ORLANDO SEALE AND THE SWELL started out as a collaboration between Orlando's band and orchestral... [More info]

O’Hooley & Tidow

O’Hooley & Tidow: dapper-suited gentlewomen with a wryly observant, melancholic and sometimes... [More info]

Peatbog Faeries

"Welcome to the weird but undoubtedly wonderful world of The Peatbog Faeries, Skye's finest,... [More info]

Peggy Seeger

PEGGY SEEGER member of the North American musical Seeger family, is a singer of traditional Anglo-... [More info]

Perhaps Contraption

Perhaps Contraption is some sort of twisted brass, progressive marching band.   “... [More info]

Pete Bentham and the Dinner Ladies

Pete Bentham & The Dinner Ladies are a three piece from Liverpool. Pete on Guitar, Marigoldy on... [More info]

Pete Coe

If you're talking about the British folk club scene of the 1970s, then the name of Pete Coe will... [More info]

Pete Cooper

Born in the Midlands, long based in London, Pete Cooper teaches, plays, composes and writes about... [More info]

Pete David and the Payroll Union

The 4 men in The Payroll Union are all suited and bearded and, while playing their acoustic murder... [More info]

Plaster of Paris

Plaster of Paris, a London based duo, performing self penned songs song with unique folk stylings... [More info]

Polly and the Billets Doux

  Polly and the Billets Doux are something brilliantly different.   Known for their... [More info]


 Beautiful songs, intelligent arrangements and a mesmerising voice, warm and subtle... [More info]

Ramshackle Union Band

 The Ramshackle Union Band peddle a fine line in stomping bluegrass-tinged-folk, playing with... [More info]

Rattle on the Stovepipe

Rattle On The Stovepipe are Dave Arthur (5-string banjo, melodeon, guitar, vocals), Pete Cooper (... [More info]

Richard James (Gorky's Zygotic Mynci)

Richard James, co-founder of seminal psych-folk band Gorky's Zygotic Mynci, releases his third... [More info]

Richard James and Gareth Bonello

After gigging together for several years and collaborating on each other’s records, Rich and... [More info]

Rik Warren

Unique, thought-provoking and brilliantly sophisticated sound. [More info]

Rioghnach Connolly

Vocalist supremo Ríoghnach Connolly heads up a band of merry musicians bringing together... [More info]

Rob Heron and the Tea Pad Orchestra

Rob Heron & The Tea Pad Orchestra are the ones to watch on the UK's growing Americana scene; as... [More info]

Rosie Sleightholme

 Haunting', 'infectious', 'mesmeric', 'quirky', 'memorable', 'exceptional' and 'brilliant'... [More info]

Ross Ainslie

Ross Ainslie is one of Scotland’s finest traditional musicians and composers, highly sought... [More info]

Ross Ainslie and Jarlath Henderson Big Band

Ross Ainslie & Jarlath Henderson band Two of the fieriest talents in contemporary Celtic piping... [More info]

Rozi Plain

 rozi plain grew up in winchester, then she lived in Bristol, now she lives in London . NEW... [More info]

Ruby and the Ribcage

Ruby and the Rib Cage is the collective works of Singer Songwriter Ruby, and her backing band, the... [More info]

Rumba De Bodas

We were born Rumba de Bodas in 2008 and, following a few changes in the bands’ formation, in... [More info]

Ruth Theodore

Ruth Theodore’s songs fascinate audiences with their distinctive lyricism while her upbeat... [More info]

Sam Carter

I'm originally from Rutland, East Midlands but now living in Stoke Newington, North London. For the... [More info]

Sam Lee and the Gillie Boys

“Sam is the most accomplished and authentic interpreters of traditional English song to emerge in... [More info]

Sam Lewis

Material for his album was written over the past 6 months whilst on and off tour in the US with KT... [More info]

Santa Mozzarella

 Almost Italian Folk! [More info]

Sara Grey, Keiron Means and Ben Paley

Mother and Son Duo who are two of the greatest singers and musicians of old time american and... [More info]

Scarlett in the Wilderness

SCARLETT IN THE WILDERNESS are Oxford's Burlesque-tinged Gypsy Folk band, playing an amalgamation... [More info]

Serious Sam Barret

Rambling troubadour Serious Sam Barrett plays swoony bluesy Americana - evoking Johnny Cash, Bob... [More info]

Serious Sam Barrett

Serious Sam plays raw roots music. Born and raised in Yorkshire, he sings the traditional music of... [More info]

Sharron Kraus

 Sharron Kraus is a dark-folk gem. Listening to her high, clear voice cut through melodies... [More info]


Sheelanagig have been honing their eclectic blend of folk, jazz and world music since early 2005.... [More info]

Shona Foster

Quirky, mesmerizing and enchanting, Shona's dark, brooding and seductive voice soars over... [More info]

Sidney Baileys No Good Punchin' Clowns

Sidney Bailey....Bootle Jazz skin no. 1, cordially invites you to enjoy his antwacky syncopators'... [More info]

Silvestre y La Naranja

Silvestre y La Naranja Silvestre y La Naranja was born from Argentine’s Patagonian landscape... [More info]

Simon Panrucker

Somon Panrucker performs live with my Broken Jukebox, improvising electronic rap nonsense from... [More info]

Simon Ritchie

Simon is well known on the traditional music circuit as an exponent of East Anglian Music, Song and... [More info]

Sleepy Ed Hicks

Surreal and subversive Sleepy Ed Hicks is an itinerant banjo player for the 21st century. Drawing... [More info]


SONGDOG ‘LAST ORDERS AT HARRY’S BAR’  Out now on Junkyard Songs  ... [More info]

Spiers and Boden

Spiers and Boden - now in their fifth year of fruitful collaboration the mighty duo have graduated... [More info]


‘The sounds that hit you first are sounds that you are familiar with; they sound folky, but... [More info]