Folk of the World

Folk of the World
Friday, February 3, 2017 - 20:00 - 23:00

Throughout the course of history global hubs like London have been defined, shaped and moulded by a myriad of ethnicities constantly adding ingredients to their cultural and musical melting pots. Here we explore The Next Wave - The Latest Sounds of the London Underground at our ‘Folk of the World’ concert in association with the Refugee Kitchen charity. The event will be held at Richmix as part of the London Remixed Festival 2017 and will showcase refugee artists as well as musicians from Syria, Irak and Turkey. This will be a free event acting as a fundraiser for the Refugee Community Kitchen, to help celebrate the beauty, richness and diversity of the refugees music and culture as well as raise awareness of the refugees situation in the UK and what you can do to help.


** Voices of Syria **

Voices of Syria

With the conflict continuing in Syria, renowned ney player, Louai Alhenawi has brought together some of the rich talent now living in UK reminding us what an incredible cultural melting pot Syria is.
This project is dedicated to all the people of Syria with songs from the classical and folk Syrian tradition, stories from the heart of old Damascus based on the Hakawatee  and Khayaal El Zil tradition.

Watch them live here


** Bordeline **

by Psychedelight Theatre Company


A Satyre of the Jungle With & By Refugees 

S: "Hi, I'm a theatre maker, I've been doing workshops in Calais for a year now. Majid gave me your number, I want to create a comedy with refugees about the Jungle."


A: "A comedy?... About the Jungle???"

Silence. Big smile.

A:"Yes! I love comedy!!" 

PSYCHEdelight presents extracts from "Borderline",  a comedy about a tragedy devised by an ensemble of refugee and European performers and directed by Sophie NL Besse. 

"High comedy amidst the poignance. Powerful. Important." The Huffington Post


** The Odd Beats **

in collaboration with Borderless Friends

The Odd Beats


Multinational hip shimmying gypsy folk and psychedelia from far-away lands.
This Bosporus-straddling blend of Turkish folk and irresistible Balkan dance beats comes with sinuous hints of Greek Rebetiko amongst other tasty world music flavours.

Singer Dila V’s powerful vocals and endless energy shines through while Fati Ebrem’s intricate guitar playing style and his unique use of the wah wah pedal mesmerises those who experience The Odd Beats. Their music is embellished with eastern percussions and powerful ethnic rhythms that make you dance like a lunatic! 

They are preparing a special show for Folk of The World Concert, collaborating with Refugee and Eastern artists to celebrate cultures of many talented and new found friends including Syrian beatboxer Andrew Newman and 47SOUL's beat master and guitarist El Jehaz.

Watch them here




Originally from Syria, an experienced beatboxer, Madzbeatz has a high level of confidence to interact with people and to inspire them to become motivated by the sound of music. His strengths lie in the mastery of electronic dance music and dropping groovy beats. He has just arrived to the country from Calais and looking forward to collaborate with UK artists for this concert.


El Jehaz 

El Jehaz  is a Palestinian/Jordanian guitarist, song writer and producer. He is best known as the guitarist of the Jordanian band Autostrad (2007-2013) and a cofounder of 47SOUL (2013-present).


 ** Mutana  **


Mutana is an Iraqi troubadour from Baghdad currently based in London, UK. Before leaving Iraq back in 2004, Mutana was the main singer in a five members band in Baghdad who fused Arabic tunes with Rumba rhythms. Due to the occupation and the eruption of the civil war in Iraq all band members left the country to Europe and the United States. Traveling through Europe, Mutana finally arrived to London where he stayed as a refugee for over five years and focused on writing new material, lyrics and songs of his own compositions. He is also re-making some of Iraq’s well known traditional Iraqi folkloric songs played on gypsy chords and keys. Mutana preformed many live gigs in East London as a one-man band in various venues and also had performances with other international musicians and artists. Recently, Mutana produced his first album " Gypsy Road" and filmed his first music video of his song Dana Dana (Pearl, Pearl). 

Watch here / Listen here