Fire in the Mountain - Tan Yn Y Mynydd 2012

Fire in the Mountain - Tan Yn Y Mynydd 2012
Friday, June 1, 2012 - 00:00 - Tuesday, June 5, 2012 - 03:00

Cwmnewidion Isaf, Cnwch Coch, Aberystwyth, SY23 4LL



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Information for Fire in the Mountain 2012.........

The Fire in the Mountain is rekindled and its warm glow casts light over the valley of change – Cwmnewidion. Red kites soar above lush green ravines, with oak grove and wild meadow below. Located between the fringe of the magnificent Cambrian mountains and the beautiful coast of Cardigan bay, where hare and horse graze, natures spirits ebbing and flowing.

Join us in bringing this ancient kingdom alive once again in another magical gathering of hearts, minds, and music.


We invite you to the Fire in the Mountain, International Folk Festival of Cwnch Coch at Cwmnewidion Isaf.

A coming together of hearts, minds and collectives from across the country. We present bands and musicians from the USA, Canada, Scotland, Ireland, England and of course Wales.

This year we are pleased to welcome a host of bands from Bristol, Liverpool and London. We have loosely themed each day around our headliners. Saturday is Celtic Day and we host the BEST young Scottish pipers Ross Ainslee and Jarlath Henderson. Sunday our headliners hail from the Appalachian Mountains: Adam Hurt and Stephanie Coleman. Monday is Welsh Culture day, with headliners Calan.

THE RUNNING ORDER (as it stands now)

Friday 1st June

17:15 - 18:00    Nick Ellis + Dave Owen
18:15 - 19:00    Married to the Sea
19:15 - 20:00    This is the Kit
20:15 - 21:00    Noon
21:30 - 22:30    Automatic Sam
23:00 - 00:00    Mamadou
00:30 - 01:30    Cubical
02:00 - 03:00    The Wagon Tales

Saturday 2nd June - Celtic Day   
14:15 - 15:00    Jeff Jepson
15:15 - 16:00    yoB
16:15 - 17:00    Ríoghnach Connolly
17:15 - 18:00    Cooper Southern
18:15 - 19:00    Ruby and the Ribcage
19:15 - 20:00    Jarlath Henderson
20:15 - 21:00    Ross Ainslee
21:30 - 22:30    The Long Notes
23:00 - 00:00    Ross and Jarlath Big Band
00:30 - 01:30    HoneyFeet
02:00 - 03:00    DJ Chris Tofu

Sunday 3rd – Americana Day
12:00 - 13:00    Nick Ellis and Dave Owen
13:15 - 14:00    Barker Band
14:15 - 15:00    David Broad and Serious Sam Barret
15:15 - 16:00    Flamin' Mamies
16:15 - 17:00    Nuala Honan
17:15 - 18:00    Long Finger Bandits
18:15 - 19:00    Under the Driftwood
19:15 - 20:00    Cut A Shine
20:15 - 21:00    Sidney Bailey
21:30 - 22:30    Adam Hurt, Beth Hartness and Stephanie Coleman
23:00 - 00:00    Loose Moose
00:30 - 01:30    Kidnap Alice
02:00 - 03:00    Pete Bentham

Monday 4th - Welsh Culture Day

13:15 - 14:00    Sharon Krauss
15:15 - 16:00    Counting Wings
16:15 - 17:00    BARD
17:15 - 18:00    Alasdair Roberts
18:15 - 19:00    Nick Mulvey
19:15 - 20:00    DnA
20:15 - 21:00    The Gentle Good
21:30 - 22:30    SECRET ACT!
23:00 - 00:00    Calan
02:00 - 03:00    Finikity Chaos

Bands So Far Confirmed:

Calan + The Gentle Good + The Mordekkers + Under the Driftwood Tree + Finikity Chaos + DnA


Ross Ainslee Trio + Jarlath Henderson Trio + Ross and Jarlath Big Band + Alasdair Roberts

Adam Hurt, Beth Hartness and Stephanie Coleman (USA) + This is the Kit + Jeff Jepson and the Angry Wasps

Jonny Kearney and Lucy Farrell + Kidnap Alice + BARD + Cut A Shine + Tim Chipping + Stompin' Dave + Ruby and the Ribcage + The Barker Band + Ana Silvera + yoB + Boat to Row (Birmingham) + The Wagon Tales + Serious Sam Barret + David Broad + Nick Mulvey + Simon Panrucker + Adam Mace

Kazimier Krunk Band + Sidney Bailey's No Good Punching Clowns + The Loose Moose String Band + Pete Bentham + Dinner Ladies + Mamadou + Long Finger Bandits + The Cubical + Automatic Sam + Flamin' Mamies + King Twit + Married to the Sea + Dave Owen + Nick Ellis

The Long Notes + Fitty Gomash

Nuala Honan + Jamie Harrison + Beth Porter + Waitress for the Beas + Toby Norman + Ben Sayer + The Triangulators.

HoneyFeet + Alabaster de Plume + Noon + Rik Warren + Ríoghnach Connolly

Wood Fired Cob Ovens, providing fresh pizzas and fresh bread.
Communal Central Kitchen; all day food and large communal banquets every evening.
Healing Area, Sauna, cold river plunge pool and bathing, and contemporary therapies
Local Ales and Ciders from our Barn Bar
Tons of Workshops in the workshop tent: singing, flat foot, dance, etc
Kids Activities: Face painting, treasure hunts, circus skills
Jam Sessions galore!
Camp Fire Sing Songs.
Acoustic Marquee with hot drinks and chai + open stage for bands and jams

Welsh Culture Day

Bank Holiday Monday features a farmers and local crafts market. We also feature a host of Welsh folk bands on the main stage, with Headliners Calan.

We are providing the best in locally sourced and Foodprepared food at the festival. There will be a breakfast bar serving sausage from the farm 8 – 11am. Our central kitchen will provide lunch and a big communal dinner every night, so everyone eats together! There will be fresh pizza, bread and pastries available from our newly built traditional cob ovens around the clock. All food is reasonably priced and ethically sourced, with minimal packaging. We implore you to eat food served on site to help cut down on food brought on site, waste and food miles.

There are two camping areas: Quiet and Family camping in the main paddock, near to car park, and Adventure Camping (short walk from main gate). The camping field opens to the public at noon on Thursday 31st May, and closes to the public on Wednesday 6th June at noon. Access to the main site is from Friday 5pm until noon on Tuesday 5th June.

Twelve and under get free entry to the festival. 13 and over pay full adult price. In order for 12 and under to be admitted to festival, please email to reserve your child ticket - we need to know how many kids are on site for our license. There are plenty of activities arranged for kids - workshops, facepainting, circus skills, cinema etc.

We are pioneering the latest designs in Composting Loos.

The farm is in remote mid-Wales, in the foothills of the Cambrian Mountains. We highly recommend bringing good solid footwear and good quality rain clothes, in addition to sun cream.

Travel and Parking
It will cost £5 per car to park, and £10 per Camper Van/Caravan. This is because space is limited and we want to encourage people to car share and take alternative public transport. Car Share via FaceBook page.

Please email to reserve your campervan ticket - space is limited and we need to keep tabs on live in vehicles coming.

Shuttles will meet EVERY train coming to Aberystwyth Friday and Saturday, and again , shuttles will run to meet every train Monday and Tuesday at no cost.

Car Sharing
We have a car sharing site set up and ready to use here: